<h3>Schloss Neuschwanstein</h3>
              Is just one of the several partly ancient attractions not far from Stuttgart. Sightseing at its Best. Living Quality at top Level. <h3>Welcome to Stuttgart</h3>
              The beauty of Baden-Württemberg is just stunning. Live next to the famous Black Forest and enjoy pure nature and a fine tradition. <h3>Much more than Mercedes.</h3>
              The location Stuttgart is famous for the art of engineering and its long-lasting experience in the automobile tradition. Be curious to visit the Mercedes Benz and Porsche Museum.


You are at a particularly lovely place! You may look forward to fascinating attractive locations or spectacular views, whether there are automobiles, stagecraft or natural phenomena, no matter whether you are in the middle of Stuttgart or slightly away from it.

Go exploring and begin a journey through time: You may experience the attractive characteristics of the well-known Black Forest, for example, or experience the appeal of the past by traveling to Bavaria to see the famous Neuschwanstein Castle which is only about two hours drive away from downtown Stuttgart. By the way, when talking about cars: how about visiting the Mercedes or the Porsche Museum – both visits are a must and these points of interest can be reached quickly, because both museums are rather centrally located. But first of all, you are certainly interested in a different objective: your new home. The best way is to leave nothing to chance if you want to find the right home for you – you are most welcome at Colette Gerber, the real estate agent in Stuttgart!

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