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About Us

A sort of puzzle: It all started with a favor to a friend in the early nineties and today it has become a profession, a commitment – and a well established enterprise. Buzzword: networking. Colette Gerber has always been good at bringing people, interests, questions and answers as well as solutions together.

Gerber Immobilien is the contact point, particularly for families obliged to manage an international relocation. How did this specialization come about? It was probably the appeal of a challenge, i.e. to offer more to clients than the competition. Or it was the approach to deal with the next level of support by providing assistance to family, friends and household pets, definitely well conceivable for Colette Gerber.

Seriously speaking, there is no doubt that Colette Gerber has realized that competitors in the real estate market still operate on the principle of ‘Doors open, doors closed, pay my bill’ when dealing with relocations of this kind. Nevertheless, such relocations do not only mean that furniture must be moved to a different place but clients also have to cope with emotions, fears and doubts, and they also have to deal with the local public authorities on site.

Therefore, Gerber Immobilien offers full service and the maximum support to its clients – starting from the provision of real estate agent services to finding the ideal home for the client, up to familiarizing clients with local habits and assisting them in their dealings with local public authorities. Gerber Immobilien helps its clients to make a big change in their lives, i.e. international relocation, easier and far less stressful. Furthermore, this service might also be considered as a favor to a friend.

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