As a Lieutenant Commander with a family of six (four young children), I feel simply blessed to have had the opportunity to work with Colette Gerber. Upon our arrival into Stuttgart, we found (to our great dismay) that there were absolutely no homes available that would suit our family. The website set up to help military members was just not helpful: The searches resulted in homes not conducive to raising 4 young children, and those assigned to help us were more interested in getting homes off of their website than finding a home that would really fit us and our situation. But once we were referred to Colette, everything suddenly started falling into place. Colette Gerber is a ‘rock star performer’ who has a distinct knack for matching families with homes. It is absolutely amazing to watch her at her best, which means ‘caring for others.’ Thank you, Colette, for easing so much of our anxiety, and for giving us such a welcoming home in this new land. Now we feel we can finally enjoy Germany!


As a Brigadier General, I often enjoy good “customer service”. Additionally, I get the best in “recommendations” – my colleagues only recommend someone who they strongly believe in. And so, when I moved to the community numerous people unanimously recommended Colette Gerber for my realtor needs. In short, Colette has been the most professional and most dedicated people I’ve met in the Stuttgart community. She has treated me as a VIP – but much more importantly, I’ve seen her treat everyone of her clients as a VIP. Junior enlisted to senior officer, everyone gets Colette’s individual care and concern. I highly recommend Colette Gerber for those moving to the Stuttgart community!

Barbara J. F.

I have been stationed at Panzer Kaserne for the past 18 months and have been lucky enough to work with Colette Gerber. Colette has far exceeded that for a regular relator and spent months of her time during all hours of the day to find appropriate apartment for me. During this time Colette made countless arrangements for my apartment and personally accompanied me during the design of a new kitchen to the remodeling of the floor and layout of the apartment, making it a personally customized apartment. Colette has ensured that all of these appointments were timely and that my needs and specifications were met. Coltte continues to car for my home while I am away, including but not limited to attending the care of the apartment and checking that my mailbox does not overflow. Her dedication to her job is remarkable and one that I have never encountered overseas and sateside. What truly amazes me is that she does this for so many soldier, those just entering the military to those that have served for years making their move to Germany much easier.

Cpt. Bradley R.

I am writing this ICE comment as a commendation for a German relator, Ms. Colette Gerber, who I have had the pleasure of working with for the past 2 years during my time here in Stuttgart. I Received Ms. Gerber’s name from the housing office after searching in vain for a rental property form the lists available at the housing office. It was during this time that I made the decision to purchase a condominium and Ms. Gerber served as my real estate agent. Ms. Gerber connected me with the various offices (banking, notary, translation, etc) to facilitate this (normal real estate functions). She was also extremely helpful in helping me with several other housing projects (electricity, kitchen, closets, furniture, etc.) that were outside the scope of her real estate duties. She provided these services cheerfully and without additionally charge because as she adamantly reminds me, she loves Americans. Ms. Gerber provides the same high quality service regardless of rank. I have talked with sergeants, captains, admirals, generals and civilian employees who have all sung her praises. She is very much a friend of the Stuttgart Military Community and has been for several years.

Major Greg L.

I would like to praise the service that I received through the Stuttgart housing office. I PCS’d from Hawaii and wanted to buy a home. The transition was seamless thanks to the professionalism of Ms. Colette Gerber working in concert with the housing office. Everything that we discussed with Ms. Gerber was made possible. She delivered everything that she promised on time and followed up with any actions that we required to complete the pruchase of our home. She was very helpful in finding financing, translators and the very best area to live in. Ms. Gerber should be commended for her service to our family.

Dr. Derrick M.

My wife and I were extremely lucky to have found her. We unfortunately moved to Stuttgart around the same time AFRICOM was staffing up in 2008. Needless to say housing was in short supply. Prior to moving to Stuttgart we heard all the horror stories about how certain immobiliens operate in the Stuttgart area. I can say unequivocally that Colette is not only an excellent immobilien, but more importantly an excellent person.

Occasionally you meet someone who cares about your needs. Colette was that person for my familiy, during and after our transition. She made every effort to ensure that not only our housing needs were met, but she also provided information and guidance for things that she didn’t have to bother with.

Even today my wife and I call Colette when we are unsure about something. She’s assisted us with so many things I can’t begin to write them all down. My family and I don’t consider Colette our immobilien, we consider her our friend.

Joe C.

Prior to arriving in the Stuttgart area, my wife and I had heard horror stories pertaining to the rental housing market and the added expense of a realtor; so we decided to buy. Upon arrival, I asked a number of my esteemed colleagues for help and I heard the name Ms. Colette Gerber mentioned frequently. They said that she was a consummate professional and was extremely helpful. Many noted that she’s been helping Americans in the Stuttgart are for many years.

I immediately called and made arrangements to meet with her in true professional fashion; she took my wife and me to see homes. Not only did she help us find the home of our dreams, she guided us through the entire process. But what impressed me most was that the help didn’t end when the realtor fees were paid. Since we don’t speak German, Ms. Gerber has helped us with everything from utilities connections to finding a local music store during Christmas. That may sound minor to some, but she’s made our transition from Washington D.C. to Germany pleasurable.

That said, please recognize this wonderful lady and her company for truly being a bridge between us American’s who come here to work and the German people. It’s evident that she cares about her customers and goes the extra mile for them. Without hesitation, I would recommend Ms. Gerber to anyone who is looking for a great realtor.

Jorge & Jasmin R.

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